starting up this blog again

i am thinking about ding this blog thing again and using it more for my [rint stuff that tattoo related stuff. i would love if my friends kept me accountable to posting to this

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block printing experiments

I’ve been making some amateur attempts at block printing over the last couple days, inspired by my good friend xCrystal. she loves printmaking and Jesus, not in that order.

heres a first attempt. balsa wood block with india ink.  I’m currently in search of a better ink that isn’t straight up paint or thicker ink, but its as watery as india ink. the balsa wood is soaking it up like crazy.

it will be used in this painting this week instead of the lined out letters

cant wait to finish that.

in other news, I have been also experimenting with different mixtures of tea and instant coffee to die paper to get the vintage look.

i am VERY happy with the results. and this rose I drew up and painted also!

i had done another experiment where i painted the rose, then dyed it. that didnt work out so well.

lastly i have this awesome light tracing table that my future father-in-law helped me build. it already has come in so handy i cannot wait for the work it will help me produce. Thanks Mike!

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Spiritual Warfare

There has not been a lot of time lately for painting, but a I do have a few things lined out and ready to go!

First, here is a sketch for a painting ill be doing to be (hopefully) used for a sermon series at my church

these next few are just a few things I want to get some paint on soon. Things have been crazy with wedding stuff and work and trying to have time to see Abby.

Looks like ive been in a canine mood lately. maybe that means I really want a dog 😉

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Currently I work at a gas station. It has it’s ups and downs. one of the ups is the fact that my boss is in a funk band called The Funk. He asked me to make a few show flyers for them that were based off movie posters for old blaxploitation flicks. I LOVE doing this kind of work and hope i get the chance to do more for his band and hopefully others. enjoy.

*for some reason this first image is showing up super poor quality on my browser but when you click on it, it opens in a new window and actually looks good. however, if you dont experience this problem, you can ignore this 🙂

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This is my…

this is a painting inspired by a song by my favorite band,Flatfoot 56 from Chicago

heres the song!

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What do you get when you mix a snake and an eagle? This baby!

these scales are kickin my butt.

paint coming soon!

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recent sketches

now that school is out and lost is over, I have had more time to draw lately.

here are some lines that will hopefully become a shirt for Jawbone. which is a sweet Spiritfilled Hardcore band I started with some buds and they are doin’ it good. check them out. once this is a shirt you know it’ll get posted here.

I also drew this sweet little pistol which I want to get tattooed on me eventually in reference to this song by the incredible Flatfoot 56.

heres a kinda random little buddy. no real motivation other than just wanted to try different techniques & motifes

lastly, but certainly not least, my beautiful wife-to-be got her knitting owl colored in! tattoo by Fat Dick of skinquake in Indy, but was guesting at Earthborn here in Evansville.

her name is berta

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